Are you ready for this jelly?

I was at a social media conference a couple weeks ago and one of the speakers asked the audience members to raise their hands if they’d heard of Jelly. In a room of 200 or so, about five people raised their hands…which I have to admit made me feel better, since the only Jelly I was familiar with is the kind you spread on your toast.

After the day’s sessions were over, I did my research and learned that Jelly is a social media app — launched at the beginning of this year — that basically acts as a visual, social search engine. So, let’s say I’m walking around my neighborhood and see some exotic bird. I take a photo of the bird and post it to Jelly along with a question – “Anyone know what kind of bird this is?”  Then, I wait for answers to roll in. It’s kind of like Yahoo Answers, but more visual.

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Chicago style advertising

I love when brands use a local twist in their advertising campaigns. It makes me feel like they went the extra mile to connect with local consumers rather than just blanketing the whole country with the same message. It’s like they get me.

Sprint is running a campaign right now called Built for Chicago. They’ve got ads on CTA trains and buses, bus shelters, train stations and a plethora of other outdoor locations. Each ad issues a challenge — tweet a photo or vine video of a specific Chicago-themed subject using the hashtag #BuiltForChicago.

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