Is Ello the Next Big Thing?

Every now and then, a new social network springs up and social media professionals hold their breath, wondering: Will this be yet another social network I need to figure out? Earlier this year, it was Jelly, a social network that allows users to ask questions using photos. And now, there’s Ello.

What the ‘Ell is Ello?

Ello was originally built to be a private social network for a group of artists and programmers. The thing is, people were intrigued by Ello and wanted to join, so the founders decided to create a public version. What makes Ello different than other social networks?

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Recap: Social Media Club Chicago October Event


This fall, I had the opportunity to attend Content Marketing World and Dreamforce. At both events, I networked with smart marketers, heard some great speakers, and came home feeling excited, reinvigorated and full of great ideas. Feeling reenergized about my work is a great feeling, and I didn’t want it to stop. So, I decided to make an effort to attend more professional networking events in Chicago so I can meet and learn from even more smart folks in my field.

The first event on my agenda? Social Media Club Chicago’s October meeting. Social Media Club is a worldwide organization with local chapters that connects folks who are passionate about social media. The October meeting billed itself as an “Earned Media vs. Pay to Play Smackdown.” Basically, a panel of social media experts – including the former head of social media for McDonald’s – debated the merits of earned media vs pay-to-play.

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Are you ready for this jelly?

I was at a social media conference a couple weeks ago and one of the speakers asked the audience members to raise their hands if they’d heard of Jelly. In a room of 200 or so, about five people raised their hands…which I have to admit made me feel better, since the only Jelly I was familiar with is the kind you spread on your toast.

After the day’s sessions were over, I did my research and learned that Jelly is a social media app — launched at the beginning of this year — that basically acts as a visual, social search engine. So, let’s say I’m walking around my neighborhood and see some exotic bird. I take a photo of the bird and post it to Jelly along with a question – “Anyone know what kind of bird this is?”  Then, I wait for answers to roll in. It’s kind of like Yahoo Answers, but more visual.

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Virgin America announces the first in-flight social network

Call me a grouch, but I don’t enjoy sitting next to a Chatty Cathy when I’m on a plane. After I find my seat, I non-verbally let the people around me know I’m not interested in making small talk by burying my nose in a book or a magazine. Sometimes I’ll put in my ear buds if I’m feeling particularly antisocial. I see plenty of other people doing this too, so I know I’m not the only grouch out there. I’m not the only grouch out there, right?!

Virgin America however, has found that not all travelers are like me. In fact, according to Luanne Calvert, Chief Marketing Officer at Virgin America, “When we surveyed our business travelers, we were surprised to learn that the ability to connect with other Virgin America travelers in-flight or en route to a destination was a frequent request.”

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