Feel good about what you wear with Everlane

A couple weeks ago, I was out for a beer with one of my girlfriends and found myself complaining about how hard it is to find nice, affordable t-shirts. They’re either too thin, uncomfortable or they fall apart after a few washings…or all of the above. So, my stylish gal pal told me to check out Everlane.com, promising that they have the softest shirts (and other great basics) for a good price.

When I first visited the site, I liked what I saw. For one, the site is really simple. They focus on a few key categories, so their site isn’t overwhelming to navigate. Plus, they don’t try to be everything to everyone like some stores, but instead focus on what they’re good at.

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An ad-free world?

American consumers are bombarded with advertising. Turn on the TV to watch your favorite hour-long show and you can also expect to watch about 15 minutes of commercials. Go online to watch the latest cute cat video but first be forced to watch a 15 second car ad.

It’s no surprise folks have started fighting back. First there was the TiVo, allowing viewers to watch their favorite shows but skip the commercials. And now there’s AdTrap, a new device that eliminates ads from a plethora of devices – mobile phone, computers, tablet – anything that’s connected to your Wi-Fi.

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