A bold move for Black Friday

It seems like the chaos of Black Friday gets crazier every year. Every year, the evening’s news includes at least one story about a shooting, trampling or fight of some sort as consumers rush to get that “great deal.” When is enough, enough?

Apparently, not yet. This year, opening at 5am on Friday morning wasn’t enough for some retailers. Instead, many stores decided to stay open on Thanksgiving day, forcing employees to be away from their families on the holiday.

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Feel good about what you wear with Everlane

A couple weeks ago, I was out for a beer with one of my girlfriends and found myself complaining about how hard it is to find nice, affordable t-shirts. They’re either too thin, uncomfortable or they fall apart after a few washings…or all of the above. So, my stylish gal pal told me to check out Everlane.com, promising that they have the softest shirts (and other great basics) for a good price.

When I first visited the site, I liked what I saw. For one, the site is really simple. They focus on a few key categories, so their site isn’t overwhelming to navigate. Plus, they don’t try to be everything to everyone like some stores, but instead focus on what they’re good at.

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