Zappos loves me

Today, I was cleaning up some of my paperwork at home and came across this card from Zappos. Yup, Zappos the online retailer. Zappos loves me so much, they sent me a card to let me know that I’m beautiful. And this was AFTER I returned a pair of shoes. It made my day today as much as it did the day I got it.


There are so many lessons businesses can learn from Zappos, but I think one of the most important is:

Your employees are a key component of your brand.

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It’s not us. It’s you (and your thighs).

A brand is more than a logo, a tagline or an advertisement. A brand’s value and reputation are built on every interaction a customer has with that brand.

It’s about words and actions. And words can hurt a brand. If a friend complains about an experience they’ve had with a cell phone company, you’re probably less likely to purchase from that company in the future. And if an executive from a clothing brand says something in an interview that doesn’t quite sit right, you’ll probably bypass that store during your next visit to the mall.

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