Book Review: Youtility for Real Estate

YoutilityforRealEstateOne of my New Year’s resolutions this year is to read 12 books over the next 12 months that’ll help me be a better marketing professional. Well, I just crossed the first book off my list: Youtility for Real Estate by Jay Baer. Not a bad start, considering it’s only January 12. Though I’ve got to be honest and tell you the book was only about 70 pages, so I managed to polish it off in a couple hours.

Overall, I’d say this book was just OK. Jay spent a decent amount of time going over the basic principles of youtility, which, if you haven’t read his original book (appropriate named Youtility), is the concept of creating marketing so useful, people would pay for it. Since I’ve already read Youtility, I found these portions of the book to be very repetitive and a little boring. I’d probably feel differently if I hadn’t already read Youtility.

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Book Review: The Big Picture by Tony Horton


My husband and I did the P90X fitness program a few years back (well, for more it was more like P30X…I didn’t last very long), so we were excited to learn that Tony Horton, the creator of the program, was going to be presenting on “11 Life-Changing Laws” at Dreamforce. I had another session to attend at the same time, but my husband woke up bright and early to catch the session…and even got his photo taken with Tony.


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