Chicago Ideas Week Sessions I Can’t Wait For

Chicago is home to so many opportunities for collaboration and sharing ideas with other people. One of those opportunities is Chicago Ideas Week, a whole week of inspiring talks, panels and hand-on workshops with all sorts of inspiring speakers — from artists and inventors to scientists and entrepreneurs. I’ve attended Chicago Ideas Week events for the past two years and have had the opportunity to hear from bestselling author Malcolm Gladwell, Honest Tea co-founder Barry Nalebuff, and a host of other passionate, inspiring folks speaking on topics ranging from overcoming obstacles and reinventing themselves to making the leap into entrepreneurship.

I’ve always left these events feeling inspired and ready to set the world on fire. Which is why I was so excited when they announced the agenda for this year’s event, which will be held October 13-19 in venues across the great city of Chicago. There are so many great sessions on the agenda, but these are the three that really caught my eye.

The Sharing Economy: What’s Mine is Yours
People share bikes, cars, and even their homes with strangers – but they probably wouldn’t talk to those same strangers on an elevator. I’m fascinated by the growing sharing economy (thanks to companies like Divvy, Zipcar and Airbnb) and I’m excited to hear other people’s take on it. Learn more about this session.

Creative Process: The Impulsive, Calculated, Evolving, Joyful, Maddening Journey from Idea to Reality
The creative process is different for every person. I think it will be really interesting to hear speakers from different walks of life talk their personal journey from idea to reality. Read more about this session.

Ignite Glass: Glass Blowing 101
This hands-on session will allow participants to try their hand at a unique art form. It looks like this session is only available for VIPs, so if you happen to be one, I’m happy to be your plus one. Check out the details of this session.

If you haven’t been to a Chicago Ideas Week event, I encourage you to go this year. There’s literally something for everyone, from a demonstration on making mozzarella cheese to a session all about death.

Do you plan to attend Chicago Ideas Week? What sessions are you most looking forward to?

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